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Being involved in the criminal justice system is a crisis, not only for the person charged with a crime, but also for the extended family. When the shock of the arrest wears off, the trauma, uncertainty, and heat of the legal fires remain.

With over 37 years of experience, including 30 years as a certified specialist in criminal law, John Yeager takes pride in finding successful solutions and extinguishing the fires.

As each person is different, each case is different. John Yeager devotes himself to each client personally and explores all possible defenses.

Mr. Yeager tells his clients at the initial interview that he approaches each case as if a trial would be necessary. This ensures that all factual and legal defenses are explored prior to trial or disposition. Mr. Yeager, who has represented clients in courts throughout Austin and Central Texas, has had extensive trial experience in federal and state court ranging from capital murder, murder, fraud, white collar, crimes, DWI causing death, DWI and drug possession, and conspiracy cases. Nevertheless, with all these trial experiences, Mr. Yeager's record of avoiding the heat, public exposure, and scrutiny of trial is exemplary. Often, the happiest clients never see the inside of the courtroom.

Non-trial disposition of criminal cases can range from outright dismissals, to reduction of charges, and pre-trial diversionary programs, which sometimes include drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Following are legal challenges for which Mr. Yeager delivered winning solutions.