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With 37 years experience in Austin and Central Texas, John Yeager has the background and the knowledge to understand and solve the problems you face. A sole practitioner, Mr. Yeager delivers a high level of personal attention. He directly interacts with his clients, providing guidance and building confidence and trust in the process and the eventual outcome.

Mr. Yeager prides himself on his ability to get to know his clients, individually evaluate their case and communicate with his clients during the arduous process from arrest to disposition.

In many cases, Mr. Yeager's experience has taught him that litigation is not the best answer. Mediation or agreed disposition is often quicker, less expensive and more productive than trial. Mr. Yeager has a long record of providing positive results for clients-without the stress and expense of a public trial.

Mr. Yeager also recognizes when crimes have been mislabeled, as distinctions between civil and criminal cases become less clear-cut. Drawing on his vast strategic defense experience, Mr. Yeager provides legal counsel to enable his clients to avoid criminal exposure in situations ranging from structuring financial transaction, asset forfeiture and bankruptcy to environmental law.

Whatever the best course of action, you can rely on John Yeager's experience and expertise to guide you down the right path.